Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for '1510s in England': 1510s England Henry VIII of England January 21 Catherine of Aragon January 31 August 17 Edmund Dudley Richard Empson Mary Rose France November 13 War of the League of Cambrai November 17 Bill (proposed law) Member of Parliament Richard Strode (c. 1480–1522) Stannary Courts and Parliaments Strode's case Poll tax August 10 Battle of St. Mathieu April 5 Ferdinand II of Aragon Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor Pope Leo X April 30 Edmund de la Pole, 3rd Duke of Suffolk Scotland August 16 List of battles of the Italian Wars Battle of Flodden Field James IV of Scotland September 9 Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk September 24 Tournai Henry Grace à Dieu Archbishop of York September 15 Thomas Wolsey Louis XII of France Mary Tudor, Queen of France October 9 London Trinity House Palace of Whitehall Cardinal (Catholicism) September 10 December 24