Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for '1530s in England': 1530s England Henry VIII of England January 26 Lord Privy Seal Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire Charles Brandon February 6 Lord President of the Council William Tyndale November 4 Pope Clement VII Thomas Wolsey Egyptians Act 1530 Gypsy Parliament of England Church of England February 11 Begging Pillory Ethics Thomas Elyot Hampton Court Palace April 15 Lord Chancellor May 16 Thomas More Lord Keeper of the Great Seal May 20 Thomas Audley, 1st Baron Audley of Walden Anne Boleyn September 1 Bristol Grammar School St. James's Palace January 25 Statute in Restraint of Appeals Archbishop of Canterbury March 30 Thomas Cranmer April 12 Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex Catherine of Aragon May 23 May 28 June 1 Excommunication July 11 Act Respecting the Oath to the Succession January 15 April 20