Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for '1711': Common year starting on Monday Common year starting on Thursday Gregorian calendar Julian calendar Roman numerals Common year starting on Sunday Swedish calendar Cary's Rebellion Edward Hyde (c. 1650–1712) Governor January Lords Proprietor North Carolina Province of Carolina Religious Society of Friends February 24 George Frideric Handel London Opera Rinaldo (opera) Alabama February Mardi Gras in Mobile Mobile, Alabama Albemarle Sound May 27 May 29 June 1 Chowan River June 30 Thomas Pollock Alexander Spotswood Pamlico River African American Christoph von Graffenried John Lawson (explorer) Native Americans in the United States Neuse River New Bern, North Carolina September 10 September 12 September 14 September 16 September 22 Tuscarora (tribe) Tuscarora War Emperor of Ethiopia October 14 Tewoflos of Ethiopia Yostos of Ethiopia