Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for '1758 in Great Britain': 1758 Kingdom of Great Britain April 21 Archbishop of Canterbury George II of Great Britain Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle Thomas Secker Whig (British political party) Anne Antoine, Comte d’Aché April 29 Battle of Cuddalore (1758) Chennai France George Pocock Seven Years' War Battle of Krefeld Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick June 23 Fort Ticonderoga French and Indian War July 8 Ticonderoga, New York August 3 Battle of Negapatam Battle of Fort Duquesne Fort Duquesne September 14 November 25 1670 in England 1675 in England 1680 in England 1683 in England 1690s in Scotland 1693 in England 1698 in England 1703 in England 1705 in England 1706 in England 1714 in Great Britain 1724 in Great Britain 1725 in Great Britain 1787 in Great Britain 1796 in Great Britain 1797 in Great Britain 1798 in Great Britain 1805 in the United Kingdom 1808 in the United Kingdom 1810 in the United Kingdom 1815 in the United Kingdom 1816 in the United Kingdom