Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for '1957': Common year starting on Tuesday Gregorian calendar Roman numerals Saarland West Germany Brookeborough Fergal O'Hanlon Irish Republican Army (1922–1969) Seán South Arturo Toscanini Conducting Italian people Stroke January 2 Pacific Exchange Stock exchange Hamilton Watch Company January 3 Watch Collier's Weekly January 4 Batting (cricket) Cricket Dismissal (cricket) Handled the ball January 5 Russell Endean Test cricket Elvis Presley January 6 The Ed Sullivan Show Ed Sullivan Anthony Eden January 9 Harold Macmillan January 10 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom African Convention Dakar January 11 Flying disc January 13 Wham-O January 16 Liverpool The Cavern Club Dwight D. Eisenhower January 20 President of the United States 1956