Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for '2002': Common year starting on Tuesday Gregorian calendar Roman numerals Australia Ecotourism Mountain Outback Palindrome United Kingdom 1992 January 1 Surveillance Treaty on Open Skies Euro Charles J. Bishop Copycat crimes January 5 September 11 attacks Tampa, Florida George W. Bush January 8 No Child Left Behind Act Enron January 9 United States Department of Justice Enrique Bolaños January 10 Nicaragua Adelaide Abankwah January 14 New York Al-Qaeda Appalachian School of Law Appalachian School of Law shooting Grundy, Virginia January 16 Osama bin Laden Taliban United Nations Security Council Democratic Republic of the Congo January 17 Mount Nyiragongo Ammonia Canadian Pacific Railway Central Intelligence Agency Daniel Pearl January 18 January 23 Minot, North Dakota Pakistan