Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'ABC (medicine)': Acronym and initialism First aid Mnemonic Airway Breathing Circulatory system Defibrillation Cardiopulmonary resuscitation History of CPR Medical guideline 1957 Peter Safar James Elam 1960 September 16 1973 American Heart Association Cardiac arrest Hypoxia (medical) Cardiopulmonary bypass Clinical death Blood Lung Oxygen Unconsciousness International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation Airway management Foreign body Human pharynx Tongue Vomiting Emergency medical services Intubation Oropharyngeal airway Cyanosis Artificial respiration Agonal respiration Ambulance Recovery position Asthma Hemothorax Pulmonary edema Perspiration Cheyne-Stokes respiration Auscultation Percussion (medicine) Pneumothorax Stethoscope Stridor Subcutaneous emphysema