Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Aiguillette': Academic dress Cord (sewing) Uniform Aiguillette (ornament) Lanyard France Aide-de-camp General officer Epaulette Tunic Military of France Marshal of France General Delegation for Ordnance (France) Légion d'honneur Military attaché National Gendarmerie Republican Guard (France) Fourragère Household Cavalry Officer (armed forces) Warrant Officer Governor Corporal of Horse Lance-Corporal of Horse Staff Corporal Attaché Dragoon Dragoon guards Lance Corporal Regiment President of the United States Flag officer Staff (military) United States Navy United States Air Force Academy Civil Air Patrol President of Ireland Taoiseach Gold Inspector General of Police (Sri Lanka) Wire Air Officer Black Ghana Immigration Police Israel Defense Forces Arcan (dance) Aide-de-camp to the Emperor of Japan Aglet