Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Alexander S. Wadsworth': United States Navy War of 1812 Portland, Maine 1804 1810 April 2 April 21 Lieutenant Midshipman HMS Guerriere (1806) USS Constitution Isaac Hull Corvette USS Adams (1799) 1816 April 27 Brig Master Commandant Mediterranean Squadron Second Barbary War Sloop USS John Adams (1799) USS Prometheus (1814) Caribbean 1825 Frigate March 3 USS Constellation (1797) Board of Navy Commissioners Commodore (rank) Pacific Squadron 1851 April 5 Washington, D.C. Alexander Scammel Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Peleg Wadsworth USS Wadsworth USS Wadsworth (DD-516) USS Wadsworth (DD-60) USS Wadsworth (FFG-9) Wadsworth (surname) Mount Auburn Cemetery USS Brandywine (1825) Tucker class destroyer