Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Ancient Diocese of Auxerre': Titular see Auxerre Burgundy (region) Canon (priest) Louis Duchesne Diocletian Peregrine of Auxerre Pope Sixtus II Aaron of Auxerre Alain, Bishop of Auxerre Aunarius Council of Orléans Deacon Germanus of Auxerre Gistemar Louis the Pious Mayor of the Palace Palladius Pontigny Pope Alexander III Pope Eugene III Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sens Saint Amator Saint Bernard Saint Eleutherius Saint Lupus Tonsure Vigilius of Trent Waratton Almoner Catharism Charles I of Naples Charles IX of France Diodorus Siculus Henry III of France Jacques Amyot Jansenism List of Justice Ministers of France Manfred Nuncio Philip IV of France Pierre de Cros Plutarch Pope Boniface VIII Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris Tutor Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dijon Auxerre Cathedral Council of Lyon Abbey of Saint-Germain d'Auxerre