Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Anyang': Chinese Postal Map Romanization Henan People's Republic of China Prefecture-level city Province (China) Hebei Hebi Puyang Shanxi Xinxiang County (China) County-level city District (China) Stone Age Emperor Ku Zhuanxu Huan River Pan Geng Shang Dynasty Yinxu King Wu of Zhou Wu Ding Zhou Dynasty Song Dynasty Yue Fei Shaanxi Zhou Tong (archer) 1368 Common Era Pingyuan Prefecture (China) Joint venture Historical capitals of China Taihang Mountains 2001 2002 Qing Dynasty 925 952 Ming Dynasty 1899 2005 March 16 Tomb of Fu Hao UNESCO World Heritage Site History of the administrative divisions of China 2004 Racquetball World Championships Anyang Station Anyang Technical College