Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Arvicolinae': Family (biology) Lemming Muskrat Rodent Vole Cricetidae Hamster New World rats and mice Muridae Muroidea Molar (tooth) Herbivore Beringia Holarctic New World Hibernation Ellobius Fossorial Hyperacrius Aquatic animal Arvicola Round-Tailed Muskrat Zokor Alticola Balkan Snow Vole Blanfordimys Bog lemming Central Asia Collared lemming Dicrostonychini Dinaric Alps East Asia Eolagurus Eothenomys Heather vole Long-Clawed Mole Vole Pakistan Proedromys Red-backed vole Sagebrush Vole Growth hormone receptor Mitochondrial DNA Genetic code Nuclear gene Synapomorphy Homology (biology) Pseudogene Convergent evolution Microtus Arvicolini