Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'B. Reeves Eason': 1886 1956 Actor California Film director June 9 New York City October 2 Screenwriter Silent film United States The Miracle Rider Tom Mix 1925 in film 1939 in film Ben-Hur (1925 film) Gone with the Wind (film) B. Reeves Eason, Jr. Nine-Tenths of the Law 1915 in film 1920 in film Held Up for the Makin's The Assayer of Lone Gap The Exile of Bar-K Ranch The Honor of the District Attorney The Little Lady Next Door The Prospector's Vengeance The Solution to the Mystery The Spirit of Adventure The Substitute Minister To Melody a Soul Responds 1914 in film 1918 in film 1923 in film 1926 in film 1927 in film 1928 in film 1932 in film 1934 in film 1935 in film 1940 in film 1942 in film 1943 in film Around the World in Eighteen Days Calamity Anne's Love Affair Johnny Get Your Hair Cut Sir Galahad of Twilight The Adventures of Rex and Rinty The Last of the Mohicans (serial) The Law of the Wild