Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Battle of Crécy': 1346 August 26 Crécy-en-Ponthieu Hundred Years' War Chivalry Edward III of England Fire power Philip VI of France English longbow Knight Mail (armour) Plate armour French nobility Cannon Genoa Siege of Calais (1346) Giovanni Villani Jean Froissart Normandy Purveyance Conscription Parliament of the United Kingdom John of Bohemia Rudolph, Duke of Lorraine Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor Holy Roman Empire House of Luxembourg Battle of Sluys Flanders Battle of Blanchetaque Battle of Caen (1346) Seine Somme Edward, the Black Prince Caltrop Cavalry Genoese crossbowmen Pavise Florence Misericorde (weapon) Crossbow Yeoman Calais Battle of Poitiers (1356) Man-at-arms Prince of Wales's feathers Surrey County Cricket Club Welsh Rugby Union Llantrisant Welsh people