Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Beeswax': Beehive Honey bee Wax Anatomical terms of location Sternum (arthropod) Pollen Propolis European honey bee Honey Honeycomb Beekeeper Brood comb Slumgum Candle Chemical compound Empirical formula Alcohol Ester Melting point Palmitate Palmitoleic acid Autoignition temperature Flash point Density Saponification value Emulsion Stabilizer (chemistry) Japan wax Bone wax Cosmetics Pharmaceutical drug Shoe polish Wood finishing Rosin Orthodox Church Smoke Catholic Church Liturgy Paschal candle Cheese Plastic E number Glazing agent Moustache wax Petroleum jelly Cutler's resin Jewellery Lost-wax casting Molding (process) Sculpture