Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Bowerchalke Downs': Hectare Site of Special Scientific Interest Wiltshire Bowerchalke Dorset Hampshire Salisbury Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Cranborne Chase Southern England Chalk Formation Calcareous grassland English Nature River Ebble Arrhenatherum Briza Briza media Primula veris Sanguisorba minor Scabiosa Sheep's Fescue Fertilizer Herbicide Plough Campanula glomerata Frog Orchid Polygala Stachys Stachys officinalis Anthyllis vulneraria Carex flacca Cyperaceae Daucus carota South West Wiltshire (UK Parliament constituency) Gentiana Musk Orchid Bee Orchid Common spotted orchid Fragrant orchid Listera Listera ovata Orchidaceae Pyramidal orchid Arrhenatherum elatius Bromus Dactylis Centaurea Centaurea nigra Centaurea scabiosa Herb Yellow rattle