Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Brig': Glossary of nautical terms Square rig Age of Sail Steamboat Military prison Naval dockyard Prison ship United States Coast Guard United States Navy Mast (sailing) Sailing Fore-and-aft rig Gaff rig Mainsail Royal (sail) Topgallant sail Topsail Boom (sailing) Schooner Spanker (sail) Trysail Yard (sailing) Studding sail Bowsprit Jib Staysail Running rigging Standing rigging Ship Battle of Lake Erie Bangor, Maine Bonaire First Barbary War USS Argus (1803) War of 1812 USS Oneida (1809) James Fenimore Cooper George Washington Bully Hayes Oliver Hazard Perry USS Niagara (1813) United States Exploring Expedition Boston California Pilgrim (brig) Two Years Before the Mast Robert Jenkins (master mariner) War of Jenkins' Ear American Revolution USS Reprisal (1776)