Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'CNES': France List of space agencies Minister of Defence (France) Paris Guiana Space Centre European Space Agency Ariane 5 Soyuz-2 (rocket) Vega (rocket) Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Pleiades satellites SPOT (satellites) Galileo (satellite navigation) Cassini–Huygens COROT INTEGRAL Mars Express Rosetta (spacecraft) Solar System Universe Venus Express XMM-Newton Demeter (satellite) CALIPSO NASA PARASOL (satellite) Indian Space Research Organisation Megha-Tropiques Mission Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity satellite Gendarmerie GEIPAN 2007 March 22 Earth station French Southern and Antarctic Lands Issus Aussaguel Kerguelen Islands Kiruna Sweden Toulouse Algeria Hammaguir Diamant Berenice (rocket) Véronique Satellite French Guiana Évry, Essonne Ariane 4 Astronaute Club Européen