Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Camillien Houde': 1889 1958 August 13 Member of Parliament Montreal Quebec September 11 Eure-et-Loir France Conservative Party of Quebec Legislative Assembly of Quebec Quebec general election, 1923 Sainte-Marie (provincial electoral district) 1928 October 24 Quebec general election, 1927 1929 July 10 Quebec general election, 1931 Saint-Jacques (provincial electoral district) 1932 September 19 By-election Canadian House of Commons Conservative Party of Canada (historical) St. Mary (electoral district) Defence of Canada Regulations CFB Petawawa Canadian federal election, 1945 Canadian federal election, 1949 Papineau (electoral district) Canadian federal election, 1953 Conscription Crisis of 1944 English Canada George A. Drew Liberal Party of Canada Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Toronto Star Cabinet of Canada Maurice Duplessis Conscription World War II 1939 February 20 Time (magazine) YMCA 1940 August 2 Internment Minto, New Brunswick