Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Caramelization': Redox Sugar Caramel Browning (chemical process) Maillard reaction Amino acid Pyrolysis Fructose Glucose Sucrose Aldose Anomer Chemical equilibrium Inverted sugar syrup Isomerisation Ketose Polymer Apple butter Candy apple red (color) Crème brûlée Crêpe Suzette Kho Searing Tarte Tatin Caramel color Croquant Isomaltol Malva Pudding Praline Roasting Canh chua Deglazing (cooking) Espresso rub Gastrique Penuche Russet Burbank potato St. Honoré Cake Brittle (food) Butane torch Kouign amann Peasemeal Coconut jam Edward Charles Howard French onion soup Spice rub Sussex Pond Pudding Teurgoule Crumble Frying Curing of tobacco