Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Catania': Greek language Ionian Sea Italy Latin Messina Syracuse, Sicily Province of Catania Indigenous peoples Sicels Mount Etna 720s BC Chalcis Naxos (Sicily) 263 BC Gulf of Catania 900 Legume Aghlabids Lentil Lupin Tunisia Vicia faba Citrus Emirate of Sicily Colonies in antiquity List of Greek place names 730s BC Lentini Thucydides Charondas Magna Graecia 476 BC Hiero I of Syracuse Peloponnese Volcano Pindar Classical Athens Peloponnesian War Sicilian Expedition 403 BC Campania Dionysius I of Syracuse 396 BC Aetna (city) Carthage Mago (fleet commander) Leptines of Syracuse Callippus Corinth Mamercus