Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Ceremonial mace': Head of state Mace-bearer Mace (club) England France Philip II of France Richard I of England Serjeant-at-Arms House of Commons of England Heraldry Tudor dynasty Winchcombe Guildford James I of England Bailiff Mayor Commonwealth of England English Restoration 1653 April 20 Rump Parliament Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom House of Commons of the United Kingdom Monarchy of the United Kingdom Parliament Westminster system House of Lords William III of England John Beckett (politician) Michael Heseltine Community Charge Ron Brown (Scottish politician) Hayes and Harlington (UK Parliament constituency) John McDonnell (politician) London Heathrow Airport Silver-gilt Tower of London Anne of Great Britain Charles II of England George I of Great Britain James II of England William and Mary Lord Mayor of the City of London Middle Ages Sceptre White Tower (Tower of London) Holyrood Palace Treasurer of Scotland Devolution Scottish Parliament