Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Charles Kay Ogden': Charles Ogden (children's writer) 1889 1957 England Fleetwood June 1 Lancashire March 21 Basic English Orthoepy Interlingua International Auxiliary Language Association Magdalene College, Cambridge Rossall Pseudonym Arnold Bennett George Bernard Shaw John Masefield Siegfried Sassoon Thomas Hardy The International Library of Psychology, Philosophy and Scientific Method Ludwig Wittgenstein I. A. Richards The Meaning of Meaning Charles Sanders Peirce Semiotics Significs Victoria, Lady Welby Triangle of reference Gostak Bloomsbury Group Incunabulum Jeremy Bentham University College London University of California, Los Angeles Wiktionary Charles Ogden 1922 in philosophy FACT computer language List of Old Rossallians Scott Buchanan Simple English Wikipedia Waking in the Blue Dora Russell Marie Neurath Molly Harrower Mary Sargant Florence Kenneth Searight Arne Næss 1889 in the United Kingdom