Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Chief of Staff of the United States Army': Joint Chiefs of Staff Officer (armed forces) United States Army Commanding General of the United States Army United States Secretary of the Army United States Congress United States Secretary of Defense Unified Combatant Command Goldwater–Nichols Act Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel President of the United States United States Senate General (United States) George W. Casey, Jr. Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army Bernard W. Rogers Bruce Palmer, Jr. Charles Pelot Summerall Dennis Reimer Deputy Chief of Staff G-8 of the United States Army Earle Wheeler Edward C. Meyer George Decker George Marshall J. Franklin Bell John A. Wickham, Jr. John C. Bates John L. Hines Johnson-McConnell agreement of 1966 Leonard Wood Peter Schoomaker Peyton C. March Tasker H. Bliss United States Army Provost Marshal General Westmoreland v. CBS William Wallace Wotherspoon Carl E. Vuono Creighton Abrams Douglas MacArthur Eric Shinseki Harold Keith Johnson John N. Abrams Joint Army-Navy Assessment Committee M1 Abrams Adna Chaffee Army Science Board Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Eisenhower Monument (West Point) Field Marshal (Philippines) George William Casey, Sr.