Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Denis Thatcher': Businessperson England Major Margaret Thatcher Order of the British Empire Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Territorial Decoration Lewisham London New Zealand British Royal Family Hereditary title Bognor Regis Mill Hill School Nonconformism Preparatory school (UK) Left-handedness Munich Agreement 1938 Germany Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Royal Engineers Second Lieutenant World War II Royal Artillery Captain (land) Major (United Kingdom) Allied invasion of Sicily Italian Campaign (World War II) Mentioned in Despatches I Canadian Corps London Gazette Operation Goldflake Marseille Corps First Lieutenant Territorial Army (United Kingdom) 1918 1942 1948 January 23 June 8 March 28 Monken Hadley Grosvenor House 1946 January 24 1976 Chemist Dartford