Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Duke of Norfolk': Earl of Arundel Peerage of England Earl Marshal Arundel Castle Norfolk Sussex Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk Catholic Church Recusancy Dukes of Norfolk family tree Edward I of England Elizabeth I of England Earl of Norfolk Normandy Roger Bigod Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk Edward II of England Thomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of Norfolk Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk Richard II of England Anne de Mowbray, 8th Countess of Norfolk Arranged marriage Edward IV of England Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York Child marriage Polygamy Richard III of England Tower of London John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk Miles Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk Parliament of the United Kingdom Attainder House of Lords House of Lords Act 1999 Lord Great Chamberlain State Opening of Parliament College of Arms Chief Butler of England Baron Howard of Glossop Peerage of the United Kingdom Courtesy titles in the United Kingdom Henry Fitzalan-Howard, Earl of Arundel Coat of arms Order of the Garter Augmentation of honour Battle of Flodden Field Henry VIII of England Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk Royal coat of arms of Scotland