Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Eddie McAteer': 1986 Irish nationalism March 28 Northern Ireland Coatbridge Derry Scotland Inland Revenue Accountant Hugh McAteer Irish Republican Army (1922–1969) Irish republicanism Sinn Féin Member of Parliament Mid Londonderry Nationalist Party (Northern Ireland) Northern Ireland general election, 1945 Irish Anti-Partition League Derry City Council Foyle (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency) House of Commons of Northern Ireland University John Hume Northern Ireland general election, 1969 Civil disobedience The Troubles Londonderry (UK Parliament constituency) Unity (Northern Ireland) Northern Ireland Assembly (1973) Social Democratic and Labour Party Fergus McAteer Irish Independence Party 1965 in Ireland 1965 in Northern Ireland Malachy Conlon National Democratic Party (Northern Ireland) Roderick O'Connor (politician) Mid Londonderry (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency) Paddy Gormley Paddy Maxwell National Unity (Ireland) 1986 in Northern Ireland Albert McElroy Battle of the Bogside McAteer 1914 in Ireland Free Derry 1986 in Ireland Coatbridge Irish List of political families in the United Kingdom