Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Edward the Martyr': List of English monarchs Old English Edgar the Peaceful Heir apparent Æthelred the Unready Dunstan Oswald of Worcester Comet Ealdorman Ælfhere, Ealdorman of Mercia Æthelwine, Ealdorman of East Anglia Benedictine Corfe Castle Shaftesbury Abbey Hagiography Martyr Ælfthryth, wife of Edgar Anglican Communion Catholic Church Orthodox Church Charter Osbern of Canterbury Wilton Abbey Eadmer Eadwig of England Mercia Edith of Wilton Goscelin John of Worcester William of Malmesbury New Minster, Winchester Winchester Archbishop of Canterbury Archbishop of York Æthelwold of Winchester Edward the Elder Kingston upon Thames Abingdon Abbey Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Wessex Kent Surrey Sussex Hampshire Latin Æthelweard (historian) Æthelred of Wessex Ely Cathedral Ramsey Abbey Byrhtnoth