Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Elizabeth Butler, Countess of Ormond': James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond County Meath Ireland Battle of Crécy Nottingham Castle Tower of London Chamberlain Edward III of England Maurice FitzGerald, 4th Earl of Kildare Thomas FitzGerald, 2nd Earl of Kildare Richard Óg de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster Elizabeth de Burgh Robert I of Scotland Eleanor de Bohun, Countess of Ormonde James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond Ormond Lord Justices (Ireland) Dublin Castle Earl of Desmond Gerald FitzGerald, 3rd Earl of Desmond Anne Butler, Countess of Ormond James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond Kilkenny Castle County Kilkenny Knocktopher Joan FitzGerald