Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Fads and trends': Tendency Mainstream Epidemiology Evolutionary pressure Memetics Population genetics Bank Night Bike boom Bump (dance) Crazy Bones Food faddism Freezy Freakies Goldfish swallowing Happy slapping Leisure suit Marathon dancing Pet Rock Phonebooth stuffing Pteridomania Raccoon coat Serbian dress Starter jacket Tickle Me Elmo Tight rolled pants Baby on Board Bargain bin Blackadder the Third Children's street culture Earsy-kneesy-nosey Flogger (fashion) Harmonichord Hunkerin' It Seems Like Yesterday Jean Nidetch Marotte Old Farmer's Almanac Raising Hell (album) Red dot design award Scoubidou Teaching for social justice The Flapper The Sledding Hill Toga party United States Army Special Forces in popular culture VR Troopers Wag the Dog 2004: The Stupid Version Bubblegram Chia Pet Component television