Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Francis, Duke of Guise': 1519 1563 February 17 February 24 France Antoinette de Bourbon Bar-le-Duc Claude, Duke of Guise Lorraine (duchy) James V of Scotland Mary I of Scotland Mary of Guise Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine Henry II of France Lotharingia Sieges of Boulogne (1544–1546) Anna d'Este Louis XII of France Grand Chamberlain of France Battle of Renty Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Italian War of 1551–1559 Metz Anne de Montmorency Battle of St. Quentin (1557) House of Anjou House of Guise Italy Lieutenant General Pope Paul IV 1558 Arlon Calais January 7 Kingdom of England Luxembourg Thionville Brantôme 1559 Francis II of France Grand Master of France July 10 Montmorency Amboise conspiracy Périgord Fontainebleau Gaspard de Coligny Huguenot 1560 December 5