Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Great Ideas': Penguin Books Essay 2006 Ad hoc A Tale of a Tub Augustine of Hippo Confessions (St. Augustine) De Brevitate Vitae (Seneca) Edward Gibbon Jean-Jacques Rousseau Jonathan Swift Laelius de Amicitia Marcus Aurelius Meditations Michel de Montaigne Niccolò Machiavelli Seneca the Younger Social Contract (Rousseau) The Prince Thomas à Kempis Common sense Thomas Paine A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft William Hazlitt Friedrich Engels Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto Arthur Schopenhauer John Ruskin Charles Darwin Ecce Homo (book) Friedrich Nietzsche Twilight of the Idols A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf Civilization and Its Discontents Sigmund Freud Analects Confucius Lucretius Cicero Book of Job Book of Revelation Marco Polo The Travels of Marco Polo Christine de Pizan Baldassare Castiglione Hydriotaphia, Urn Burial Thomas Browne