Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Head and neck anatomy': Head Neck Atlas (anatomy) Vertebral column Axial skeleton Cervical vertebrae Hyoid bone Ossicles Skull Surgical suture Fontanelle Pelvis Vagina Foramen magnum Occipital Central nervous system Extension (kinesiology) Flexion Joint Rotation Aortic arch Blood Brachiocephalic artery Common carotid artery Subclavian artery Systemic circulation Jugular vein Subclavian vein Artery Vertebral artery Basilar artery Posterior cerebral artery Posterior communicating artery External carotid artery Internal carotid artery Costocervical trunk Internal thoracic artery Thyrocervical trunk Blood-brain barrier Capillary Endothelium Tight junction Active transport Glucose Astrocyte Glial cell Electrolyte Internal jugular vein Sigmoid sinus External jugular vein