Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Henan': People's Republic of China Province (China) Chinese character Han Dynasty Pinyin Yuzhou (nine ancient provinces) Zhou (country subdivision) Yellow River Anhui Hebei Hubei Shaanxi Shandong Shanxi Central Plain (China) North China Plain China Kaifeng Luoyang Longshan culture Yangshao culture Erlitou culture Xia Dynasty 16th century BC Shang Dynasty Anyang Zhou Dynasty Xi'an Cai (state) Chen (state) Hua (state) Jin (state) Qin (state) Wei (Spring and Autumn Period) Zheng (state) Han (state) Wei (state) Chu (state) Qin Dynasty Chang'an Cao Cao Cao Wei Xuchang Jin Dynasty (265–420) Former Qin Former Yan Later Qin Later Yan Later Zhao Northern Wei