Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'History of the British line of succession': Line of succession to the British throne Edgar the Peaceful Edward the Martyr Æthelred the Unready Alfred the Great Alfred Aetheling Eadgyth Eadwig Ætheling Edmund Ironside Edward the Confessor Egbert Ætheling Goda of England Cnut the Great Denmark Edward the Exile Gunhilda of Denmark Harold Harefoot Harthacnut Emma of Normandy Cristina, daughter of Edward the Exile Edgar the Ætheling Saint Margaret of Scotland Harold Godwinson Witenagemot Gytha of Wessex Edith of Wessex Harald III of Denmark Sweyn II of Denmark Ulf the Earl Conrad II, Duke of Bavaria Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor Judith of Swabia Edward IV of England Wars of the Roses House of Beaufort Battle of Barnet Battle of Bosworth Field Henry VII of England Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus Edward VI of England Eleanor Clifford, Countess of Cumberland Elizabeth I of England Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley James V of Scotland Lady Catherine Grey Lady Jane Grey Lady Mary Grey Margaret Douglas Margaret Stanley, Countess of Derby