Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Human position': Pose (disambiguation) Human body Collocation Fencing Gesture Human Sigmund Freud Ankle Chair Sitting Lotus position Seiza Defecation Squat (exercise) Squat toilet Supine position Prone position Fetal position Kneeling Center of mass Crab (posture) B-boying Gymnastics Yoga Terrestrial locomotion Agility Akimbo Attitude (art) Autotopagnosia Catalepsy Dance position Interviu Kneeling chair Lying (position) Positional asphyxia Split (gymnastics) Standing Dual wield Stance Human figure (aesthetics) Laura Maria Censabella Swaddling Victory Cerebellum Tippy toes Active Sitting Anahata Yoga Body shape Dyssemia Low arousal approach