Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'James Murray Mason': Murray Mason 1798 1871 April 28 November 3 United States House of Representatives United States Senate Virginia American Civil War Confederate States of America George Mason The College of William & Mary Theodore Roosevelt Island University of Pennsylvania Washington, D.C. 25th United States Congress Jacksonian democracy Isaac S. Pennybacker John C. Calhoun March 3 Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 September 18 Harpers Ferry, West Virginia John Brown (abolitionist) Expulsion from the United States Congress June 15 President pro tempore of the United States Senate November 8 RMS Trent USS San Jacinto (1850) Boston Harbor Fort Warren (Massachusetts) John Slidell Trent Affair United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland United States Clarens (Alexandria, Virginia) Fairfax County, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia 1822 Cliveden (Benjamin Chew House) Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25 Pennsylvania 1825 1826 1828 1830 1833 1836