Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'King of Hungary': Head of state Kingdom of Hungary List of Hungarian rulers Hereditary monarchy Grand Prince of the Hungarians Hungarian people 1000 1001 December 25 January 1 Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor Pope Sylvester II Stephen I of Hungary Monarch Francis II Rákóczi Stephen Bocskay Sovereignty Emperor Ottoman Empire Croatia Dalmatia Slavonia Transylvania Vassal House of Habsburg Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen Real union Andrew I of Hungary Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor Peter Orseolo of Hungary Germany Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor Solomon of Hungary Ladislaus I of Hungary Béla IV of Hungary Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor Mongol invasion of Europe Mongols Pope Innocent IV Albert I of Germany Fiefdom Ladislaus IV of Hungary Rudolph I of Germany Andrew III of Hungary Holy Roman Emperor Christian Commonwealth List of Byzantine emperors Roman Emperor Manuel I Komnenos