Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Lead single': Album Musical ensemble Musician Single (music) Oasis (band) Roll with It Electronic Press Kit Don Omar IDon No Matter What (T.I. song) Paper Trail T.I. North America Popular music ITunes Love in This Club Usher (entertainer) Love in This Club, Pt. II Ballad Christina Aguilera Mariah Carey Heavy metal music Ayumi Hamasaki B'z Namie Amuro Can You Celebrate? Hikaru Utada I Am... (Ayumi Hamasaki album) A New Day Has Come (song) Affection (song) Alive (P.O.D. song) Away from Me Bad Day (R.E.M. song) Balls to the Wall (song) Bang This Beauty and the Beast (Disney song) Black (Sevendust song) Blue on Black Bodies (Drowning Pool song) Bodies (Robbie Williams song) Breakdown (Tantric song) Broken (Elisa song) By Your Side (Sade song) Caught out There Come Back to Me (Vanessa Hudgens song) Corporate Cannibal Cosmopolitan Bloodloss Crush 'Em Cumbersome Death Blooms