Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Leaf': Botany Organ (anatomy) Photosynthesis Absorption Carbon dioxide Chloroplast Light Natural selection Devonian Bryophyte Lycopodiophyta Microphyll Ferns Flowering plant Gymnosperm Guttation Transpiration Food Water Fern Frond Diet (nutrition) Human Leaf vegetable Petiole (botany) Stipule Cell (biology) Epidermis (botany) Metabolism Plant cuticle Transparency and translucency Trichome Dicotyledon Monocotyledon Stoma Ground tissue Parenchyma Assimilation (biology) Absorption (chemistry) Capillary action Aerenchyma Chlorophyll Green Plastid Boreal Deciduous Temperateness Abscission Autumn leaf color Carotenoid