Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Lepidoptera': Butterfly Moth Order (biology) Class (biology) Hedylidae Skipper (butterfly) Trichoptera Lepidopterist Family (biology) Species Taxonomic rank Ancient Greek Beetle Fly Hymenoptera Biological life cycle Caterpillar Endopterygota Imago Larva Metamorphosis Pupa Diapause Gynaephora Lymantriidae Proleg Sclerite Sawfly Carnivore Detritivore Herbivore Scale (zoology) Pheromone Galea Maxillary Mouth Nectar Proboscis Differences between butterflies and moths Ditrysia Glossata Monophyly Paraphyly Macrolepidoptera Microlepidoptera Phalaena Systema Naturae Ignaz Schiffermüller Johan Christian Fabricius Michael Denis