Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of Justice Ministers of France': Minister of Justice (France) Ancien Régime Parlement Keeper of the Seals of France French Revolution Keeper of the Seals 497 561 618 638 657 Ansbert of Rouen Audoin (bishop) Childebert II Chilperic I Chlothar II Clovis II Dagobert I Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rouen Romanus of Rouen Saint Remigius Sigebert I 750 Bonitus (bishop) Chlothar III Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Clermont Sigebert III 796 800 819 832 Adalard the Seneschal Alcuin Ancient Diocese of Auxerre Ancient Diocese of Dol Ancient Diocese of Narbonne Ancient Diocese of Noyon Ancient Diocese of Senlis Archdeacon Arras Avranches Bayeux Beauvais Bishop of Châlons Burgundian (party) Cardinal (Catholicism) Charlemagne Dominican Order Gilles Aycelin de Montaigu Guillaume de Nogaret