Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of United Kingdom by-elections': By-election United Kingdom Conservative Party (UK) Labour Party (UK) Liberal Democrats Liberal Party (UK) Plaid Cymru Political party Scottish National Party Social Democratic Party (UK) Chiltern Hundreds Manor of Northstead F. W. S. Craig United Kingdom by-election records Chippenham by-election, 1962 Epping Forest by-election, 1988 Ipswich by-election, 1957 Islwyn by-election, 1995 Middlesbrough East by-election, 1962 Paisley South by-election, 1997 Perth and Kinross by-election, 1995 United Kingdom general elections Ashton-under-Lyne by-election, 1945 Barnsley by-election, 1938 Blackpool North by-election, 1962 Bradford South by-election, 1994 Brigg by-election, 1948 Buckingham by-election, 1943 Cambridge by-election, 1922 Chelmsford by-election, 1892 Cheltenham by-election, 1937 City of London by-election, 1938 Croydon North by-election, 1948 Dudley West by-election, 1994 Eastbourne by-election, 1925 Eastbourne by-election, 1932 Eastbourne by-election, 1935 Glasgow Govan by-election, 1988 Hemsworth by-election, 1934 Hemsworth by-election, 1991 Leominster by-election, 1912 Liverpool Edge Hill by-election, 1947 Liverpool Edge Hill by-election, 1979 MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 1966 Ogmore by-election, 1946 Paisley North by-election, 1990 Paisley South by-election, 1990 Penistone by-election, 1959 Penistone by-election, 1978 Pontefract by-election, 1941