Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of butterflies of Great Britain': Butterfly Great Britain Natural Environment Research Council United Kingdom Biodiversity Action Plan Adonis Blue American Painted Lady Aphrodite Fritillary Argynnis pandora Bath White Berger's Clouded Yellow Black Hairstreak Black-veined White Boloria dia Brown Argus Brown Hairstreak Buckinghamshire Carcharodus alceae Chalk Chalkhill Blue Channel Islands Chequered Skipper Chiltern Hills Colias palaeno Common Blue Common Brimstone Continental Europe Cumbria Dark Clouded Yellow Dark Green Fritillary Devon Dingy Skipper Dorset Downland East Anglia Eastern tiger swallowtail England Erebia alberganus Essex Essex Skipper Extinction Fiery skipper Gatekeeper Butterfly Geranium Bronze Glanville Fritillary Glaucopsyche alexis Gonepteryx cleopatra Grayling (butterfly) Great Orme Green Hairstreak Green-veined White