Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of butterflies of Oklahoma': Butterfly Oklahoma Skipper (butterfly) Lepidoptera Monophyly Achalarus lyciades American Painted Lady Anatrytone logan Ancyloxypha numitor Anteos clorinde Asterocampa celtis Autochton cellus Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly Black Swallowtail California Sister Callophrys gryneus Callophrys henrici Callophrys irus Celastrina ladon Celastrina neglecta Chlosyne gorgone Chlosyne lacinia Chlosyne nycteis Cloudless Sulphur Colias cesonia Colias philodice Common Wood-Nymph Cyllopsis gemma Differences between butterflies and moths Eastern tailed-blue butterfly Eastern tiger swallowtail Enodia anthedon Epargyreus clarus Erynnis brizo Erynnis juvenalis Euptoieta claudia Eurema mexicana Eurema nicippe Falcate Orangetip Feniseca tarquinius Fiery skipper Giant swallowtail Glaucopsyche lygdamus Great Purple Hairstreak Great Spangled Fritillary Grey Hairstreak Gulf Fritillary Heliconius charithonia Hobomok Skipper Junonia coenia