Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of female rulers and title holders': Adelaide of Auxerre Adelaide, Countess Palatine of Burgundy Adelaide of Susa Adelasia of Torres Alba, Italy Albenga Asti Turin Ventimiglia Agalbursa Ælfwynn Æthelflæd Agnes of Austria Agnes of Burgundy Silesia Agnes of Cleves Agnes of Montferrat Agnes, Countess of Ponthieu Adelaide, Countess of Auxerre Alice Plantagenet, 4th Countess of Lincoln Alix of France Alix, Duchess of Brittany Andregota Galíndez Anne Boleyn Anne of Alençon Anne of Brittany Anne, Countess of Auvergne Lady Anne Clifford Anne de Beauchamp Anne of Burgundy Anne of Gloucester Anne de Mowbray, 8th Countess of Norfolk Anne Geneviève de Bourbon Anne Scott, 1st Duchess of Buccleuch Antoinette de Bourbon Aurembiaix Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy Beatrice II, Countess of Burgundy Beatrice of Bourbon (1320–1383) Beatrice of Portugal Beatrice of Provence Beatrice of Savoy Beatrix of Burgundy, Dame de Bourbon Moncada Beatrix of the Netherlands Benedetta of Cagliari Berengaria of Castile Bertha of Rouergue Blanche I of Navarre Blanche II of Navarre