Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of mammals of Zambia': Zambia International Union for Conservation of Nature Africa Shrew Checkered Elephant Shrew Dusky Elephant Shrew Elephant shrew Four-toed Elephant Shrew Short-snouted Elephant Shrew Rock Hyrax Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax African Bush Elephant Ape Elephantidae Human Lemur Monkey Catarrhini New World monkey Prosimian Angola Colobus Blue Monkey Brown Greater Galago Chacma Baboon Chlorocebus Mohol Bushbaby Old World monkey Red-tailed Monkey Yellow Baboon Incisor Capybara Acacia rat African Grass Rat African Marsh Rat African Pygmy Mouse African Wading Rat Angolan Marsh Rat Angoni Vlei Rat Ansell's Mole Rat Beecroft's Flying Squirrel Big-eared Swamp Rat Black and Red Bush Squirrel Black-Tailed Tree Rat Bocage's Mole Rat Boehm's Bush Squirrel Boehm's Gerbil Brant's Climbing Mouse Bushveld Gerbil Cane rat Cape Porcupine