Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of state leaders in 1111': 1111 Abbasid Caliphate Ahmed Sanjar Al-Mustazhir Alan IV, Duke of Brittany Albret Aleppo Alexios I Komnenos Alfonso the Battler Ali ibn Yusuf Almoravid dynasty Angoulême Anjou Aquitaine Aragon Arslan Shah I Austria Auvergne (province) Baden Baghdad Bagrationi dynasty Baldwin I of Jerusalem Baldwin II of Jerusalem Baldwin VII, Count of Flanders Barcelona Barrois Bavaria Bertrand, Count of Toulouse Blois Bohemia Bohemond I of Antioch Bohemond II of Antioch Boulogne-sur-Mer Brittany Caliph Champagne, France China Cloistered rule Count of Boulogne Count of Champagne Count of Flanders Counts and dukes of Angoulême Counts and Dukes of Bar Counts of Barcelona Counts of Blois County of Edessa County of Empúries County of Tripoli David IV of Georgia Denmark