Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of state leaders in 875': 875 Abbasid Caliphate Agder Aghlabids Ahmad ibn Tulun Al-Andalus Al-Mu'tamid Alfonso III Alfonso III of León Alfred the Great Ali ibn Umar Auvergne (province) Auxerre Aznar Galíndez II Balhae Barghawata Basil I Bernard II Boris I of Bulgaria Bulgaria Caliph Caliphate of Córdoba Ceolwulf II of Mercia Charles the Bald China Conrad I, Count of Auxerre Constantín mac Cináeda Count of Poitiers County of Auxerre Dae Hyeonseok Danelaw Denmark Duchy of Brittany East Anglia Egypt Emperor of Japan Emperor Seiwa Emperor Tang Xizong England Frisia García Íñiguez of Pamplona Gascony Great Moravia Gujjar Gurvand, Duke of Brittany Guthrum Gyeongmun of Silla Harald I of Norway Heongang of Silla High King of Ireland