Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology': Gray's Anatomy Abducens nucleus Afferent nerve fiber Amygdala Anterior commissure Anterior corticospinal tract Anterior external arcuate fibers Anterior funiculus Anterior horn Anterior horn of spinal cord Anterior median fissure Anterior perforated substance Anterior proper fasciculus Anterior spinothalamic tract Anterior superior alveolar nerve Anterior trigeminothalamic tract Arachnoid Arachnoid granulation Arachnoid mater Arcuate fibers Association fiber Band of Gennari Basal optic nucleus of Meynert Brain Bulboid corpuscle Calcar avis Calcarine fissure Caudate nucleus Cave of septum pellucidum Cella Central canal of spinal cord Central gelatinous substance of spinal cord Central sulcus Cerebellar tonsil Cerebral aqueduct Cerebral cortex Cerebral hemisphere Cerebral peduncle Choroid plexus Ciliary ganglion Cingulate gyrus Cingulate sulcus Cistern (neuroanatomy) Cistern of great cerebral vein Cistern of lateral cerebral fossa Cisterna magna Cochlear nuclei Collagen Collateral eminence Collateral fissure